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The num pad

By Adrian Davids

The Numeric Keypad [Num Pad] is often used for reading screens and different kinds of documents with Jaws. The Num Pad is normaly located on the right side of your keyboard. Usually one would use it for tiping numbers, so in order to Perform Reading functions, you’d have to turn it off. In other words, you’d have to lock the Num Pad. You can do so by pressing the Num Lock key [upper left key] on the numeric keypad.

By pressing this key you would change the status of the Num Pad.
You’ll hear Jaws speak one of the following:

  1. Num Lock on.
  2. Num Lock off.

Now that we know where the Num Pad is situated and how to change it’s status, let’s see how we can manipulate the keys on it.

  1. Scanning characters with Jaws

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